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Grief Recovery for Teens
Publication Date: 06/01/2017
Format: Paperback
Publsher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc
Authors: [Coral Popowitz]
Price: 16.95
Description: Did you know that grief can affect both your mind and your body? In this helpful and healing guide, the director of the Children’s Grief Connection offers practices to help you deal with the physical aspects of grief and loss.

If you lose someone you love or are close to, you probably feel a number of emotions—sadness, anger, loneliness, or fear. These are all normal feelings, and it’s important that you have someone to talk to, whether it’s a family member, friend, or counselor. But did you know that grief can also affect your body? That’s because the brain and the body are much more connected than you might think.

In this compassionate guide, you’ll discover how your mind can affect the way you feel physically, and discover body-oriented skills to help your body heal after experiencing loss. You’ll also find ways to relieve feelings of anxiety and confusion that can make your physical symptoms worse, and finally begin the healing process.

Knowing how your body is affected by grief and loss—and what you can do to relieve the physical and emotional pain—will give you healthy coping skills to last a lifetime. This book will help you learn these skills and start feeling better in both body and mind.
Book Review: “Regardless of age or background, each of us will experience grief during our lifetime. In Grief Recovery for Teens, Coral Popowitz shares dozens of things teens can do to find comfort, peace, and renewed hope. Grief hurts. Thankfully, Coral shows teens that they can indeed move forward to find happiness once again.”
—Neil Willenson, founder of One Heartland for children affected by HIV/AIDS, and cofounder of Camp Hometown Heroes, a free national summer camp for children of fallen US service members
“Coral has written a highly relevant, much-needed book for the adolescent population. Her writing connects strongly with the youth of today challenged by their own grief and loss. Her approach, backed by strong, current research in the field, provides an individualized method for understanding and dealing with the very real physical, psychological, and emotional aspects of these difficult and potentially destabilizing life experiences. Her use of a holistic mind-body framework is presented in a truly accessible way. The important information on the adolescent brain and body; how these can be affected by our life experiences; and tools for managing these are well organized. This book offers teens compassionate understanding of—and the tools to work through—their unique experiences, not only for managing the loss of a loved one, but also for a variety of life stressors faced by our developing teens today.”
—Wendy L. Baker, MSW, LICSW, cofounder of Family Circle Counseling in St. Paul, MN, adjunct faculty member at University of St. Thomas, and educator and consultant in areas of attachment, trauma, and adoption
“Grief Recovery for Teens is a comprehensive resource offering delicate balance between clear wisdom, concrete activities, and heartfelt stories. Coral covers the impact on mind, body, and heart during the grief experience as she helps teens make the adjustment toward understanding their lives after a death. Her writing is compassionate, informative, and practical. Grief Recovery for Teens reads as the wise advice of a true friend, and opens the reader to the honest and forthright conversations needed after a death.”
—Peter Willig, LMFT, FT, clinical director and COO of the Children’s Bereavement Center; licensed marriage and family therapist; and fellow in thanatology with over twenty-five years of clinical experience
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