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The Negative Thoughts Workbook
Publication Date: 10/01/2020
Format: Paperback
Publsher: New Harbinger Publications, Inc
Authors: [David Clark]
Buy online: [] [Publisher Store]
Price: $21.95
Description: A proven-effective CBT approach to help you break the cycle of repetitive negative thinking

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, chances are you also experience unwanted, distressing, and repetitive thoughts. These negative thoughts are often grounded in anger, guilt, shame, worry, humiliation, resentment, or regret. And the more you try to gain control over these thoughts, the more they seem to spiral out of your control. So, how can you break free from this self-defeating ‘mind trap,’ and experience lasting peace and relief?

The Negative Thoughts Workbook offers a step-by-step program to help you target and effectively cope with negative thinking patterns. Based on effective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies, this practical guide outlines a transdiagnostic approach to managing the thoughts that drive your emotional distress and threaten your mental health and well-being. You are not condemned to a life of constant, chaotic, or disturbing thoughts. If you’re ready to take shelter from the storm inside your head, the easy-to-follow activities in this evidence-based workbook will help you gain control over your cycles of negative thinking.

Discover powerful ways to:

Identify your own thinking traps
Deal with worry and anxiety
Stop rumination before it takes over
Confront shame and move beyond regret
Find release from resentment
Book Review: “The Negative Thoughts Workbook offers a plethora of excellent, evidence-based, and well-presented strategies to address repetitive negative thinking related to anxiety and depression. If you engage in this type of thinking—and we all do from time to time—this book will help you to recognize your thought patterns and implement effective ways to change them. Written in an engaging and practical style by one of the world’s experts in the psychology of negative thinking, you will benefit from reading this book and using the skills it offers.”
—Keith S. Dobson, PhD, professor of clinical psychology at the University of Calgary, and president of the World Confederation of Cognitive and Behavioural Therapies

“Repetitive negative thoughts can be distressing, and interfere with our daily lives. In this excellent and clearly written workbook, David Clark gives you concrete strategies and practical solutions to deal with worry, rumination, regret, shame, humiliation, and resentment. This masterfully written and resourceful book will change your life. A must-read.”
—Stefan G. Hofmann, PhD, professor at Boston University, and author of The Anxiety Skills Workbook

“If you are struggling with repetitive negative thoughts causing anxiety, depression, regret, shame, guilt, humiliation, anger, or resentment, this clearly written and practical workbook can really help. As a world-renowned psychologist and researcher, David Clark integrates a range of cognitive-behavioral approaches to provide you with an effective, step-by-step guide to help you overcome repetitive negative thoughts. I will certainly be recommending this workbook to my patients, students, and colleagues.”
—Costas Papageorgiou, DClinPsy, PhD, coauthor of Coping with Depression, and coeditor of Depressive Rumination
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